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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my website?

Once I have all your content material, the design process can be very quick; for a small to average website, two to three weeks would be an approximate timeline, especially if changes are minimal and prompt. Our package rates do not allow for multiple design changes (I can quote a rate which includes your involvement in the design process), and I don’t start designing until all content has been received, so generally the process is very quick.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is essentially a piece of software/program that runs websites. It is a Content Management System (CMS) which as it suggests, enables you to manage the content within your site, you are able to log into your site and manage your pages, content, menus, plugins, etc yourself. (Plugins are website features like galleries, slideshows, forms, stores etc).

Basically most changes that you used to get your web designer to do for you, there is a pretty good chance you can do it yourself with a WordPress site.

What is a ‘domain’ and ‘web hosting’?

Your domain name is the URL address or the ‘name’ of your website, for example: mywebsite.com.au. You don’t own your domain name, but you do register it for renewable periods of time, usually one to two years ongoing. Web or server hosting could be described as the ‘rent’ you pay for the space to have your website made available on the Internet for everyone to see.

What’s the difference between a .com and .com.au and which one is better for my business?

A domain name that has a .com.au address is specific to Australian businesses, based in Australia. An Australian ABN is required. A .com domain name is recognised worldwide and might be a great choice for any product or service that you want to market internationally. A .com domain name doesn’t require an ABN.