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Logo DesignYour logo is the foundation of your brand. It is your visual identity and often it is the first impression your business gives. An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. In its simplest form, a logo is there to identify, but to do this effectively it must follow the basic principles of logo design:


A logo must be simple. A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. Effective logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overdrawn.

A logo must be memorable. Following closely behind the principle of simplicity is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple yet appropriate logo.

A logo must be enduring. An effective logo should endure the test of time. The logo should be ‘future proof’, meaning that it should still be effective in 10, 20, 50+ years time.

A logo must be versatile. An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications.

A logo must be appropriate. How you position the logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose.
If I create you a logo it will be unique, eye-catching, and it will allow your business to standout from your competitors. Your new logo will make your business identity memorable, credible and professional.

When designing your new logo I will research your competition, create a colour scheme and carefully consider the choice of typography and style.

Logo design case study

Paul the owner of Essential Cleaning Services came to me wanting to re-brand his business. After operating for 15 years he wanted to change his simple black and gold text logo to something that better represented his current business and future direction.
Paul understood that with a new logo came a new business identity. The new logo would be used on all his business stationery, uniforms and company transportation allowing him to standout from his competition.


Paul was open to all ideas and colour schemes as long as they portrayed a professional, trustworthy business that communicated – we are a professional cleaning service and we clean offices, commercial premises and factory facilities.

logo design package from Richard Baird Digital

Logo, letterhead, business card and colour scheme for Essential Cleaning Services



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