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The Orange Orchard

Branding & WEBSITE

The Orange Orchard is a new food blog that will fill your soul and your stomach. They came to me with an idea and not much else. I needed to create a logo and feel that matched their vision.

The Brief

The Orange Orchard needed a logo and a website/blog that could easily be managed by the owner. It was important to Rachelle that the blog has the right feeling and the readers must be able print the recipes. It also needed to have social media links and a subscription form.

The Solution


After taking some time to understand The Orange Orchard vision, I created a simple typeface logo that matches the inspiration behind the brand. Next came a WordPress responsive website that allows Rachelle to easily create her new food blog and gives her followers the ability to download and share the delicious recipes.

The Result

Richard Baird Digital created for me a logo, social media banner and a blog/website. I knew what I wanted but needed someone that I felt comfortable with that could understand my needs and make suggestions. I’m very happy with the outcome and would recommend Richard to anyone wanting a website or graphic design work.

Rachelle – The Orange Orchard.